Happy Holidays!

2020 was...a lot. Now that we've just about reached the end of it, I'm looking forward to better days ahead. Trying to be creative while in crisis mode is problematic, to say the least. I soldiered through it because I kept my focus on my clients needs, taking into account their immediate concerns and helping build successful marketing materials that speak directly to their customer base--all of whom are experiencing the same risks. The catchphrase, 'We're all in this together' does seem contrived and boiler-plate as a response to the Covid pandemic, though. It's admittedly an easy reaction when faced with the dire prospect of watching your business fall to pieces in the wake of this global catastrophe.

So, while I agree with the sentiment, I'm also doing something about it. During the first weeks of the initial economic shutdown, I offered temporary reduced rates to existing and new clients. It was an easy decision to make, and although I certainly can't take credit for the fact that these clients have weathered the Covid storm intact, I hope my small contribution helped demonstrate another adage: The more you give, the more you receive.

Happy Holidays!


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