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Multi-page documents and sell-sheets are the oldest proven marketing materials that still thrive in our digital ecosystem. It's always a treat when I get the chance to work in this format and medium, especially when it comes to designing around an established brand that contains complex messaging and data. Case in point: I recently completed a series of 1-page sell-sheets and a digital brochure for FAMA, and have decided to showcase some of that here:


Last year I had helped establish their current style of flat iconography and images, which are all integrated into one over-arching symbol of precise, interconnected concepts. Their branded colors are used here to simplify further, accentuating a clear delineation between problem and solution for their targeted clients.



Online Teen Help was a multi-tiered marketing campaign for AppSoft which joined print and digital materials, and spanned across several iterations. For this, I offered a bright palette that needed to appeal to a young demographic. To accomplish that, I spent considerable time perusing Pinterest and Behance for designs and imagery that connect with youth culture, while at the same time avoided pandering or contrived concepts. I didn't want anything about this design to feel ironic or meaningless, but at the same time it needed to contain graphics and images that are accessible and fun, an intentional contrast with a serious subject matter.


On to other matters, I'm getting ready to open the Pandora's box of a site refresh for Beyond Forward. When I launched this site in 2017, my intention was to redesign at the 2-year mark, but as usual, work commitments continue to push this to the back burner. My goal is to put a new design to this site sometime in the first quarter of 2020. I'm writing this here to help prompt me to follow-through, if nothing else. Internal marketing is often the bane of a designer's existence. It's the work that has to be done to help keep the freelance machine moving forward, but it always has to be secondary to paying work. So, the internal marketing ends up being squeezed in-between work commitments, either at the beginning or end of my workday, or on the weekends. It's all about life-choices, though. Fortunately, I chose Graphic Design as a career many years ago, because of the simple fact that I love Graphic Design. I love working in this medium and I even love writing about it right now, on a Sunday morning, when I could be sleeping in instead.



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